10 Wines To Accompany Your Frigid Loneliness On Valentine’s

200Looking forward to an awesome way to start your 2-week Eurotrip, but still have 6 hours of flight to go? Drink some wine. Coping with the stress of your soul-crushing job while you contemplate running away to Iceland and becoming a sheep herder? Drink some wine. Alone on a fictional “holiday” on which people try to make up for all the bullshit they’ve projected in a relationship with a card and a box of chocolates? Screw that, drink some goddamn wine. And hey, if you need more reasons besides the bliss of just sitting back and getting intoxicated, this year’s Valentine’s is falling on a Wednesday, which means…WINE WEDNESDAY. Salute to that!

Here are Grape Nomad´s top 10 bottle picks that have nothing to do with shitty holidays, but have all the love and romance you seek in a significant other. And, if my estimations are correct, they’re much better (and cheaper) than hiring a hooker, going to Burger King, eating four Double Whoppers, regretting your own existence and crying yourself to sleep. Continue reading “10 Wines To Accompany Your Frigid Loneliness On Valentine’s”


Wine Blown: Quinta Milú La Cometa 2012

To be honest, I’ve always avoided one of the top three classical regions of the Old World – Spain. It’s not because I didn’t like the wines or because the DOs were not as interesting. The main reason was totally coincidental – bottles from Italy and France always found their way to my table before any other did. So today is the day I warm things up with some laid-back Ribera del Duero.

Quinta Milú La Cometa 2012 excites me just by its label. It’s very simple, minimalistic and approachable. The colour of the wine in the glass is deep violet, indicating a youngster on the rise. Now, the nose is where things start to get interesting. Pretty reductive on the first sniff, but after some decanting, this disappears and fuses into notes of blueberry, black currant, dried plum, leather and Mediterranean spices. Continue reading “Wine Blown: Quinta Milú La Cometa 2012”