The Godfather of Istrian Wine: Ivica Matošević

What if I told you that there was a Croatian winemaker out there capable of making badass wines easily comparable to the giants of France, Italy and Spain? Would you believe me and why not? Now, before you jump to conclusions, hear me out people. I’m not trying to degrade anybody here, but the reality is that you, the casual wine drinker, would grab the first bottle of Chianti or Cote du Rhone if you found yourself in a London supermarket, hesitant of what wine to pair with Cajun steak and passionate sex. Tough luck.

Reputation is a slippery slope. It can blast you into the stars, but it can also cut you off both feet. You can make better wines than half the French, it just won’t matter for the majority of consumers who simply want to enjoy some goddamn peace and quiet alongside a pool of alcohol. But there will always be the other side of the coin – folks that are thirsty for knowledge and willing to try something new on a daily basis. These people are the national treasure of the wine world and need to be protected from merciless capitalistic influence & cloying monotony at all times. Yes, it’s always going to be safer to play the card of buying that 5-million-production Bordeaux Rouge, but instead of purchasing the new Macklemore album, why not go with the lesser known, but highly legendary Currents from Tame Impala? Continue reading “The Godfather of Istrian Wine: Ivica Matošević”


Your Istrian Go-To Winemaker: Trapan Wine Station

Call him the bad-boy of winemaking, the Istrian RocknRolla or the young zealot of Teran. But whatever the name tag is, one cannot dispute the fact that Bruno Trapan is definitely a game changer freshening up the scene with his avant-garde approach and thrilling personality. You may be shocked by his bluntness or click with him immediately, but one thing is certain – you will not leave his winery indifferent. Continue reading “Your Istrian Go-To Winemaker: Trapan Wine Station”

Istria Is Launching Wine to the Moon and It’s Going To Be Epic

Biodynamic production just entered a whole new dimension. Well, sort of. By the end of 2017, Istrian producers of the indigenous Teran should launch their wine(s) to the Moon. The offer for this seemingly insane fantasy came from Google Lunar XPRIZE, a competition worth 30 million dollars. Team Synergy Moon, one of the five finalists, will launch a rocket that Google will fund to travel 500 meters and transmit high resolution video, images and data back to Earth . The team’s rover created just enough room for a bottle of Istrian Teran to make history in outer space. Continue reading “Istria Is Launching Wine to the Moon and It’s Going To Be Epic”

Wine Blown: Fakin La Prima Malvazija 2012

A customer of mine once told me that Istrian Malvazija was a terribly boring grape variety and that it was ridiculous to place it in oak barrels because no benefits would come from it. Ok, I’ll diplomatically somewhat agree with this – yes, Malvazija is meant to be drunk young, fresh and crispy, but what’s with the exemplary whites from Istria such as Matošević Alba Barrique or Kozlović Santa Lucia? Those were some de-li-cious wines in my book. The whole point of drinking wine is exploration with a wide open mind. So, while you’re reading this, please, PLEASE, don’t let previous judgments blind you and stop you from trying a certain grape/region/wine for a second time.

Fakin La Prima Malvazija 2012 displays a pleasant medium golden colour. I decanted the wine for 45 minutes to let the oxygen do its thing, i.e. to let the wood and acidity integrate a bit with other esters and elements. The nose is clearly dominated by the barrique – notes of smoke, new wood, raisins, butter and toast. Continue reading “Wine Blown: Fakin La Prima Malvazija 2012”