Tasting Blind: The Italian Titans

Guessing an Italian wine in a mixed bag is quite easy. Guessing a specific region among 21 bottles is no walk in the park and having poor tasting conditions on top of that doesn’t really work in your favor. Continue reading “Tasting Blind: The Italian Titans”

House Pour: A Real Guide to Falanghina

If you’re not Italian, you’ve probably never tried Falanghina in your life. And I don’t blame you. Why the hell would ya? There’s an ocean of grapes out there and Falanghina isn’t really hitting any top lists. But I’m here to change that, ha! Welcome to House Pour, a guide that breaks down (not so) famous grapes and gets to the bottom of things by drinking (fo’ real). Continue reading “House Pour: A Real Guide to Falanghina”

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