Tasting Blind: Oregon Pinot Noir Steals the Spotlight Once Again

If you’d ask my grandmother to name a country where Pinot Noir is produced, she’d tell you France right off the bat. She doesn’t even drink wine, only rakija. That’s how celebrated Burgundy is with this grape variety. So how did Oregon get into the picture? Or any other reputable US region for that matter? Well, led by pioneers David Lett and Joseph Drouhin, this state started making wine in the early 1980s after figuring out that the conditions were ace for growing grapes (located on the same latitude as Burgundy and New Zealand’s South Island). Continue reading “Tasting Blind: Oregon Pinot Noir Steals the Spotlight Once Again”


Why the Hell Did the French Start Listing Grape Varieties on Labels?

Appellation d’origine contrôlée…ah, the hate-love relationship we all have with this beautiful, yet aggravating appellation system. The French always used long-ass terms to describe where their wine came from and what it was, still telling you nothing until you actually try it and do your research. And on top of all this, guess what they love to say to this? Well, only a true expert can feel the wine before opening it, that’s where the real magic lies. WHAT? You’re telling me that every single person out there that just wants to buy a nice bottle of Bordeaux (blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot and Cab Franc btw) and drown his everyday sorrows in alcohol needs to FIND THE MAGIC? That’s like telling a homeless person that his first million is just around the corner, but he just has to figure out how to stop drinking from AIDS-infected milk cartons, get out of the dumpster and start a cooking show. Continue reading “Why the Hell Did the French Start Listing Grape Varieties on Labels?”

Wine Blown: Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Theurons 2009

Human psychology is very simple when it comes to wine. If you’ve been told 700 times that Burgundy is Pinot Noir kingdom and found yourself orgasming right into it during a tasting with fellow worshippers, the chances that you’re going to want to bash somebody over the head with a magnum for not complying to your wine gods is rather high. I understand that branding and reputation make up a major part of this business, but personally, when the wine is in front of me, in my living room, paired with loads of peanut butter and popcorn while watching House of Cards, I don’t give a shit. The only thing I care about is the taste and the feeling the liquid delivers (or doesn’t). The latter applies for this wine. Continue reading “Wine Blown: Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Theurons 2009”