If you’re reading this, thank you for even slightly being interested in the person behind all of this. My name is Aleksandar Draganić and Grape Nomad is the first website I created and financed by myself. Cca 99% of people in my life know me as someone who does something with wine and travels to some places where there’s wine. Upon figuring out that being an English professor was not the true path for me, I rapidly kicked off my career in Bosnia’s renowned distribution company Divina. With the creative freedom I had there, I created “Taste & Learn”, the first wine school in the country which proved to be a major success for wine lovers of all ages. Along the way, I worked as a consultant for various renowned Balkan winemakers and restaurants and received my WSET Level 3 certificate, becoming the youngest holder in the region. I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit, and all of my best memories of those trips revolve around food & wine, the best window into a new culture. I am currently based in sunny Singapore.

In the sea of strict and humdrum websites devoted to wine, Grape Nomad strives to stand out as one that is informative, while simultaneously being fun and humorous. Here, you’ll learn the ropes, without having to open 10 tabs in your browser for additional researching. You’ll get tips for both budget and luxury visits to wine regions without feeling intimidated for a second. But most importantly, you’ll be a part of an ever-growing community and obtain a mindset essential for the full enjoyment of this exquisite beverage. In the end, isn’t that exactly what wine deserves?


My tasting notes are always followed by subjective scores to help you get a better idea of the good, the bad and the badass. I add scores to my articles because I’m too lazy to keep track and copy everything to other places. If you don’t like them, feel free to shoot me a mail (I always love a good discussion), but in order to stay authentic, I won’t remove them. Firm arguments over nonsense, all day every day. The rating system is pretty much standardized and it goes something like this:

50 – 70: “Please, never produce this again.” 71 – 84: “A pretty simple sipper, can’t go wrong with this if you want to play it cheap and safe.” 85 – 89: “An above average wine, showing some finesse and complexity. Easily attracting fan boys.” 90 – 95: “Damn! This is showing gorgeous complexity and perfect varietal/regional expression.” 96 – 100: “I need to re-evaluate my life and get closer to the meaning of it.”


– Industry guidance, workshops, or private/corporate/public wine tasting events – Customized education focused on tasting techniques and wine appreciation – Original wine or travel related articles for your website or publication – Creating wine lists and/or staff trainings for your restaurant, bar or shop – Assisting in all types wine tourism activities, tastings or festivals – Press trips, speaking engagements or initial research for a wine region/country – Wine buying and food pairing advice – Managing your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – Tasting notes and product reviews


Grape Nomad’s content has been featured on other websites, expanding to a wider range of topics. The most positive outcome of all is that the posts are constantly kept informative, entertaining, or both. The readers’ user experience is sacred and will always be preserved as such.

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