10 Wines To Accompany Your Frigid Loneliness On Valentine’s

200Looking forward to an awesome way to start your 2-week Eurotrip, but still have 6 hours of flight to go? Drink some wine. Coping with the stress of your soul-crushing job while you contemplate running away to Iceland and becoming a sheep herder? Drink some wine. Alone on a fictional “holiday” on which people try to make up for all the bullshit they’ve projected in a relationship with a card and a box of chocolates? Screw that, drink some goddamn wine. And hey, if you need more reasons besides the bliss of just sitting back and getting intoxicated, this year’s Valentine’s is falling on a Wednesday, which means…WINE WEDNESDAY. Salute to that!

Here are Grape Nomad´s top 10 bottle picks that have nothing to do with shitty holidays, but have all the love and romance you seek in a significant other. And, if my estimations are correct, they’re much better (and cheaper) than hiring a hooker, going to Burger King, eating four Double Whoppers, regretting your own existence and crying yourself to sleep.

La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904 2007
Rioja, Spain

Brick orange in the glass. Just the right intensity of aromas to put you into ecstasy – sweet cherry, dried plum, coconut, mushrooms, Earl Grey tea leaves, milk chocolate. Banging acidity for a 10-year-old wine, wonderfully balanced with the alcohol and soft tannins. So elegant, I just want to drink two bottles of this without sharing. And give me a lamb rack with that, please.

GN score: 94/100
Average price: 41 EUR

Fattorie Melini Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 1997
Tuscany, Italy

Never will a dry wine make you orgasm right into the wine world as strong as a sweet wine will. This 20-year-old strong Vin Santo is what dreams are made of – intense nose of caramel, smoke, dried fig & apricot, hazelnut, walnut and roasted almond with a hint of over-cooked forest fruit. The acidity is out of this world, balanced nicely with 17% abv!

GN score: 93/100
Average price: 29 EUR

Man O´ War Vineyards Gravestone 2013
Waiheke Island, New Zealand

IWC and Decanter gold medals are no surprise here. This is classic Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon education with flying aromatics of elderflower, grapefruit and bell pepper. Coming back to my tasting notes, I wrote “smooth” two times which tells me the experience of drinking this wine was quite enjoyable. The acidity and alcohol are almost soothing, with a mineral finish lasting for days.

GN score: 93/100
Average price: 19 EUR

Highfield Estate Riesling 2013
Marlborough, New Zealand

Drink a bottle of this in one sitting, nobody will judge you. I’m talking from experience, so I should know. Highfield´s Riesling is THE SHIT. Aromas of succulent peach, nectarine, lime juice and white flowers. The palate just blasts me into careless springtime where I’d be sitting in my backyard, full on underwear mode, sipping on some chilled peach juice. Good times, my friends, good times.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 17 EUR

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Krajančić Pošip Intrada 2016
Dalmacija, Croatia

Pale lemon-green in the glass. Medium nose of that ripe peach that’s so sweet to steal from your neighbour’s that you have to pick a whole garbage bag of them. Just drinking this is like sitting in a hacienda by the beach and inhaling the sea salt-juniper vibe of a wonderful life. No worries, there are plenty fish in the sea, and lots of them pair gorgeously with Pošip.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 14 EUR

Taylor’s Porto LBV 2012
Porto, Portugal

Even though mass-produced, this Port still plays it serious ’til the very end. Magnificent nose reminiscent of Havana cake drizzled with chocolate and ground coffee backed up by some dried plum and fig. Good concentration of fruit on the palate with the sweetness balanced nicely into the long finish. Pair with chocolate cake or with your drunken self.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 17 EUR

Domaine William Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 2012
Burgundy, France

I just want a pool of this wine. Doesn’t have to be big, a 2×2 is fine, just to bathe in the springwater all day long. Tropical-floral nose with splashes of peach compote and subtle brioche in the mouth. Starts out sweet, ends with a katana-sharp acidity that lasts for centuries. Could use a bit more complexity, but honestly, I have no care for that right now. Namaste and gimme another bottle.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 58 EUR

Bridge Pa Syrah Louis 2010
Hawke´s Bay, New Zealand

Girls don’t cry for Louis, ’cause Louis is a superfly Syrah. Coming straight outta Hawke’s Bay, this wine traps you with its aromas of dark cherry, blackcurrant, dried cranberry and subtle hints of thyme. Smooth, fresh and peppery on the palate with medium tannins and a lucious finish. By the label itself, I’d never reach for this wine in a shop, but the taste is definitely worth it.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 31 EUR

Marcel Deiss Gewurztraminer 2013
Alsace, France

Loved this gem. Full-on pink rose and dried apricot hit the nose and generously continue on the palate. Packed extract, medium acidity and a complexity stronger than your ex-girlfriend’s. Just a sweet touch on the finish completes this terroir-driven wine beautifully. This is where your money should go, people.

GN score: 91/100
Average price: 24 EUR

Marchesi de´ Frescobaldi Vermentino Masso Vivo Ammiraglia 2015
Tuscany, Italy

In reality, all wines are great, but it all comes down to the (wo)man’s preference. You might say that Frescobaldi is the Coca-Cola of the wine world, but damn, if Coke tasted this good, I’d have type 1 diabetes at the age of 3. Zesty, medium-bodied and fruit-driven. Just the right acidity hitting the sweet spots at just the right time. A respectable example of Vermentino.

GN score: 88/100
Average price: 12 EUR

Written by Aleksandar Draganić.

A WSET certified grape juice drinker pulling corks @ Wakanui Singapore whilst inspiring everlasting love for hedonistic journeys. Find me at @grapenomad


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