Top 10 Food & Wine Pairings of the Week

August is slowly creeping up with its reminder that summer is almost over and that it’s time to step up your BBQ game to impress your friends before it’s too late. These days, Instagram is on fire with everything grilled – meat, fruit, fish – complemented by fresh salads and delicious cheese combos. Here are the most interesting pairings of this week. Post a photo on Instagram with the #grapenomad hashtag and get published on our site!

Gruet Winery Sauvage Blanc de Blancs + Sausages & Burrata

Goosecross Cellars Cabernet Franc + Chicken Thighs

Krug Clos Du Mesnil + Caviar

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Klinec Villa de Mandan Gardelin + Grilled Peach Bruschetta

Airlie Bank Pinot Noir + Pizza Tapas

Broadbent Rainwater Madeira + Pork Belly

Francois Chidaine Clos du Breuil + Nicoise Skewers

Chateau St. Jean Merlot + Cheese Board

Mauro Molino Barolo + Truffle Pasta

Krolo Chardonnay + Prosciutto

Written by Aleksandar Draganić.

I’m a WSET certified grape juice drinker, and yes, I’m that 1% of people that love their job. I drink wine, write about it, preach about it, even take pictures of it. Find me at @grapenomad



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