This blog is taking it’s turn into a source of wine knowledge that sparks interest for anybody to jump on with his/her contribution. Of course, not just ANYBODY can judge a wine and go public with it, so for the first time in Grape Nomad’s history, I’m proud to announce the first helping hand on this website – Adin Bulatović, manager of Delikatesna Radnja and wine aficionado in the making. Adin started out as an exemplary beer drinker, but found passion in wine a few years back at a couple of my workshops. He jumped right into the wine world by trying several samples primarily from B&H, but slowly continued to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain…He not only focused on the practice, but also hit the books (and Google) hard, soaking up info about food pairings, regions, grape varieties and soils. The place he works at is one of my favorite places in Sarajevo to just kick back and relax with a proper glass of wine and a simple bite to eat. It’s basically a wine bar/bistro that takes pride in quality and aims for uniqueness with a concentration on Balkan wines, but also a convenient selection of Italian and Spanish as well.

I’d like to thank Adin for his honest contribution and welcome him to the Grape Nomad team. I hope that you readers will truly see a fresh perspective of experience, ’cause more is coming up! Without further ado, Adin, you have the spotlight:

OK, so I have gathered enough courage to write my take of my first “public” wine. This time it’s Carska Vina Žilavka Premium Edition 2015. A bucket of ice has done its job and we started enjoying this new wine. On the nose you can tell that this is a Žilavka treated with respect. Pale lemony color, refreshing on the nose with notes of citrus fruit, freshly cut grass, white flowers and a mineral hint. Promising indeed. As we tasted it, all my senses were immediately dedicated to the wine. I had to think for a moment when was the last time I’ve experienced something like that, I remember the feeling that someth…Got it! A Led Zeppelin tribute gig. I can still feel the energy after the first song they played, Immigrant Song, how stunned I was after Rock and Roll, my complete embracement to that loud playing of theirs and how it fit perfectly to the occasion. But there is a „but“ (pun intended), toward the end you know exactly what you want for it all to be perfect – Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. Here we come to the problem. The band is great for loudness, but when it comes to delivering poetry, they aren’t able to. So why am I rambling about a gig? Bare with me, it’s easy to explain. This wine gave me the same experience – the first sip is screaming at you, and it’s good, so good you expect a great many things out of it. Inevitably you look for some structure, or poetry if you can have it. It completely lacks any, the aftertaste is nowhere to be found and it’s a darn shame. All things considered, a good wine, but one that promises a lot and ultimately fails to deliver.

Grape varieties: 100% Žilavka
Aging: sur lie
Abv: 13%
Average price: 15€
GN score: 83/100

Region: Bosnia & Herzegovina – Mostar – Međugorje

Žilavka is an indgineous grape variety of Herzegovina, but will also be found in parts of Croatia and Macedonia in traces. In the majority of cases, it is used to make fresh styles produced for immediate consumption. Think Albarino or Soave. Like in every other wine region, there is some experimentation with oak aging, but much more has to be done to reverse world trends connected to this particular approach. Wines made from Žilavka are reminiscent of white flowers, almonds, stone & citrus fruit and are mostly light to medium-bodied. Pair with seafood pasta or river fish.

Carska Vina is a winery with a tradition of over 200 years. Today, Grgo Vasilj, the eldest descendant of the famous wine-growing family from Međugorje, calls all the shots in the cellar. He produces wine from 20 hectares of land and cca 60.000 vines of Žilavka, Blatina and other complementary grapes.

Grga Vasilj, chief winemaker

Written by Adin Bulatović.

Born and raised on beer, wine came into my life at just the right time. A few years back, I found my passion in squash, the sport that let me become a coach and lead young (and old) people to rad health and fun times. Manager @ Delikatesna Radnja. Find me at @ad1ns7agram

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