Biodynamic production just entered a whole new dimension. Well, sort of. By the end of 2017, Istrian producers of the indigenous Teran should launch their wine(s) to the Moon. The offer for this seemingly insane fantasy came from Google Lunar XPRIZE, a competition worth 30 million dollars. Team Synergy Moon, one of the five finalists, will launch a rocket that Google will fund to travel 500 meters and transmit high resolution video, images and data back to Earth . The team’s rover created just enough room for a bottle of Istrian Teran to make history in outer space.

“Istrian winemakers deserve it. So much love for their region and the immense struggle for the survival of Teran in recent years is reminiscent of the struggle for the survival of an endangered species in nature. Our wee Teran will survive and the energy that has been invested in it is good enough for outer space. The concept of Synergy Moon is a bit different from the other teams – this is the only team consisted of people from five continents thematically oriented towards the younger generation. We want to emphasize the importance of preserving our uniqueness and the natural and cultural heritage that makes us one-of-a-kind. Our way of life is our present and future, our authentic touristic product, our joy that we want to share with the world. Let it serve as an inspiration for new generations”, said Nebojša Stanojević, a lucid visionary and co-founder of this team.

Malvazija, truffles, prosciutto, cheese, seafood…These are just a few hedonistic terms used to describe this heart-shaped Croatian region, portrayed as the “New Tuscany” by many sound wine experts. Istrian wine is a unique art of taste and smell. It is an inseparable part of the Istrian people – their passion and love, their deepest intimacy and unspoilt pride, a lavish gift of the rocky land and abundant sunshine. The history of wine and the local people is an integral part of a story being told for almost 2000 years, ever since the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius brought vines to the warm Istrian soil. From golden Malvazija to ruby Teran, from young, vivid wines to full, elegant and ripe fruit bombs, the Istrian wine scene offers a remarkable tale yet to be told.

“Given that, as far as we’re aware, there are no vines grown on the Moon nor is there any wine production there, so we decided to send a little bit of our Teran up there, just in case. Teran (Latin terran) is the name given for Istrians, but for earthlings as well, so we are convinced that this is the best promotional material for our region for all those who accidentally find themselves on the Moon. I also think that the view of Mother Earth will be even more beautiful with a sip of our Teran. As far as wines are concerned, the 2016 vintage was a great year, so as a result we will send a blend of wines from selected Istrian producers. It is important that the wine is good, we can’t really send anything into the galaxy”, said Ivica Matošević, the long-time president of Vinistra and leader of this project.

The story won’t stop here. It will probably be followed by Slovenian colleagues from Kras sending a capsule with a bit of their Teran inside. Istrian winemakers hope that their colleagues from Slovenia will realize that Teran has no limits and that this launch is a great opportunity for the promotion of this puny grape variety. As Ivica says – the sky is not the limit, only our imagination is.

Ivica Matošević & Nebojša Stanojević colab

Special thanks to Nebojša Stanojević, co-founder of Team Synergy Moon
Prepared by Aleksandar Draganić.

I’m a WSET certified grape juice drinker, and yes, I’m that 1% of people that love their job. I drink wine, write about it, preach about it, even take pictures of it. Find me at @grapenomad

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