Wine Blown: Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Theurons 2009

Human psychology is very simple when it comes to wine. If you’ve been told 700 times that Burgundy is Pinot Noir kingdom and found yourself orgasming right into it during a tasting with fellow worshippers, the chances that you’re going to want to bash somebody over the head with a magnum for not complying to your wine gods is rather high. I understand that branding and reputation make up a major part of this business, but personally, when the wine is in front of me, in my living room, paired with loads of peanut butter and popcorn while watching House of Cards, I don’t give a shit. The only thing I care about is the taste and the feeling the liquid delivers (or doesn’t). The latter applies for this wine. Continue reading “Wine Blown: Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Theurons 2009”


Riesling: The King of Everything

What a way to start the epic Guzzling Grapes challenge! Riesling is the greatest grape ever to be planted on this earth. There, I said it, straightforward. I don’t want to sugar-coat with words like probably, one of the, amongst the, etc. I simply have confidence with this one. You don’t have anything to eat with your wine? No problem, grab a Riesling. You want a crunching refreshment for the summer? No problem, grab a Riesling. You want to pair it with arugula salad, jalapeno peppers or apple tart? No problem, man, grab a Riesling.

Before I go on with all the pros (the cons are kept to a minimum), let’s get one thing straight. Riesling is not an essentially sweet wine. Yes, some of the German specimens can have a bit of residual sugar, but that’s ok. Continue reading “Riesling: The King of Everything”

Grape Nomad’s Top 10 Cellar Picks of 2016

When reviewing 2016, I can’t help but think only one thing – what a shitty year for the world. Alan Rickman, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen died, Donald Trump became president of the US, refugee crises overflowed the news, people still think that sweet wines are cheap rubbish that should solely be paired with poor life decisions. Oh well, at least true wine lovers have been drinking some nice stuff to drown their sorrows and enter 2017 in style, like Kanye West did at the MTV Awards a few years back. But before you go anywhere and start analyzing the trends of next year (which you probably won’t follow), allow me to introduce you to the first Grape Nomad annual recap! Here, you’ll read about MY highest rated wines of 2016, wines that have blown me away with their sexiness and helped me rethink the complexity of this business. Because I decided to discover Italy in detail this year, you’ll see that their wines are pretty dominant in the selection. As a side-note, these are not bottles necessarily released during the year, nor are the scores something you have to blindly follow. I urge you to explore, be open and enjoy whatever gems you find from these top 10 picks. Continue reading “Grape Nomad’s Top 10 Cellar Picks of 2016”

Wine Blown: Château de l’Auche Brut Cuvée du Chapitre NV

This is why I immensely adore Champagne, even though I don’t drink it on an everyday basis. Why? Well, first, I’m not Bill Gates’ long forgotten grandchild, and secondly, I love the surprise these wines give every time I taste them. While reading my impression of this bottle, you’ll come across two terms that are not so popular in the world of still wines – brut and NV. To make things simple, brut indicates the level of sweetness and literally means ‘dry’ (contains no more than 12 g/L of residual sugar). NV translates into ‘non-vintage’ which tells you that a Champagne, or any other sparkling wine, is a blend of different vintages (years). Winemakers do this in order to draw out the best quality of all the selected years and bring you a top-notch product. Continue reading “Wine Blown: Château de l’Auche Brut Cuvée du Chapitre NV”